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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Pockets with Pizzazz

I'm sooooo behind still, I'm still taking photos and writing notes,  just to remember what we've been up to,  just incase the photographs don't jog the old memory....

Not to worry though, I WILL CATCH UP !!!

I've been very envious of all the new Heidi Swapp Project Life kits available in other countries, unfortunately the UK is behind in receiving anything. Although I do believe one company has now managed to get a limited amount in, obviously most of it sold out straight away !!!
Not to be outdone, as I've been admiring the gold foil embellishments - although I never thought I would - I got some gold foil cardstock (it was actually small Xmas cards  and cost 50p for 8 small sheets, bargain or what?) I used some of my dies to cut these embellishments out........

Ta da.......... my own gold shiny embellishments!!!!!! I'm so pleased with myself, they're gorgeous and a fraction of the cost.

Week 28: 

Not as busy week as normal, the kitten growing up and the puppy - who incidentally is dressed in a babygrow ???? A birthday to celebrate, with an English Breakfast, more dogs having fun, and the St Pauls carnival in Bristol.

Its a pity the gold doesn't show up all shiny and bright in the photographs, but I assure you it is IRL as you can see at the top of the post !

I'll be seeing you all in 4 weeks time, hopefully I will have caught up a whole lot by then...I've been busy taking millions of photos for other peoples events and editing them all, but I have planned a whole day this weekend to catch up - hopefully I won't spend the whole day talking instead...I'm looking forward to seeing the other designers work though - I love all the inspiration

Elaine x