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Friday, 31 January 2014

Week 52 Project Life Xmas

Yahoooooo the big week is here, it took 4 pages to fit it in ! We tried to focus on the positives, but it was still an extremely sad time for us all. We had lunch at home cooked by Jenny - she is renowned for her MEGA Roasts,  it was outstanding. We didn't eat anything for the rest of the day, we were as stuffed as the Xmas Turkey....we did our usual trick of waiting till the last minute for the Turkey - its risky - but I did have some pork in the fridge if we failed ! Xmas presents were a hit, and I even managed a brisk walk by the river with Florence, whilst the children did some visiting.
We skyped Tom over in Vietnam, and spoke to Joe, & sent  a text to Lily & Grandad. We really missed Dad, our first Xmas without him.
I managed to get some free Xmas downloadable project life cards, I discovered that printing them on matte photo paper got the best results - I need to reprint a couple. I added some gift tags and Xmas cards, and some little felt reindeer and snowflakes, the children love looking through this week, I hope you do too !

Friday, 24 January 2014

Week 51 Project Life

Week 51, we're getting excited now, nearly Xmas !!! I found some very fun gift tags and decided I could use them in the PL perfectly. I used the reindeer as my week card along with a free printable - got to love all these free downloads available. I had to print some photos out for Harry's train pass but only needed the one it turned out, rather than bin them, I thought they would make a feature card!
The word thingy is a FaceBook app that I thought would be fun to include. A trip to the cinema, train tickets, dinner out all included this week - at last I have somewhere to put all the tickets that I collect.

And one other thing - I'm doing a fortnightly Project life blog post for Scrap365, I do hope you'll join us for inspiration and maybe some prizes one day ! http://scrap365.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/pockets-with-pizzazz.html

Friday, 10 January 2014

Week 50 Project Life

Oooooo we're getting closer to the big day! It was Xmas crop week, we all dressed up with the Xmas theme in mind, there was tons of food and we all had a brilliant laugh and much appreciate the effort Jo & Dawn put in to make the whole year so fun and enjoyable.
Prince Charles was in town, Florence enjoying her walks but still not the car! One son back, one on the far side of the world having an amazing time & our general daily life!
I used one of our Xmas cards as I liked it so much and added some free printables I found on the internet .

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Week 49 Project Life

Back again for another week, I'm so enjoying Project Life.....can you tell?

Ok, we didn't do a huge amount of special things this week, but I just recorded the things we do every day and a rare picture of Florence asleep...she's so cute when she is!

I found a selfie of Abbie on my phone so included that - bet she's real pleased - not the most flattering!

I've used a mixture of Xmas patterned paper, free download cards and some Simple Stories Snap cards this week, I still waiting for a Becky Higgins PL core kit.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My cover for Project Life 2014

I've got my cover ready for Project Life 2014, I'm not sure when it'll start being the middle of the week, I think I'll have a 1 page in my 2013 folder, and a two page in the 2014, so I hope the bloomin' weather changes so I can get some decent photos and actually go out and do something. At least I'll be out scrapping at the weekend so that will be something to add - watch out girls, I'm in a photo mood !!!