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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Week 48 Project Life

Right, week 48, what do we have here? Ooooh quite a busy week, we decided to change some rooms around one afternoon, I think the kids will keep quite about suggestions next time !  It's also the beginning of December and as such, Xmas decorations go up, with three trees now + loads of other stuff its quite an occasion ! Quite a few walks with Florence, she even ended up in the canal after a fateful jump on to what she obviously thought was solid ground! Tom still out there enjoying himself - what an envious life he leads at the moment.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Week 47 Project Life

Week 47. Not a huge amount going on this week. Mostly scrapping, Dr Who and Tom in Thailand !

I downloaded some images of the 50th Dr Who special and included them, also documenting our traditional Dr Who tea (party tea) that we can eat whilst watching. I managed to get some layouts into albums and also made some tags that somebody had suggested using manila labels, I jazzed mine up a bit! Some more of the adventures round the world - Thailand this week still, I so wish I could join them! Looking forward to doing wk 48 now!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Week 46 Project Life

You know me, not content to wait till January 1st like lots of new Project Lifers it seems. I'm forging ahead with the past weeks, I may go back ever further than week 45, we'll see. Some weeks we've done loads, others we've been a bit boring or I forgot to take photos. Luckily one of the older boys is off exploring the World, he's also just fallen in love, so I have plenty of photos of exotic locations to flick through and be insanely jealous of, and I've included them in the PL album, as its still part of our family life ! (I'm so tempted to join him though!)

I'm not quite sure what to do with the thin strip down the sides of some of the pockets - any suggestions?

I think I've moved a couple of these bits around since I scanned these in, but it doesn't make that much difference. The beauty of PL, you can change them round whenever you want, you can add or remove photos, you can rewrite areas, nobody would probably even notice!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Week 45 Project Life

My first real week of Project Life. I think I'll be able to go backwards from this date, I just need to sort out my photos. I've been taking them all summer in the hope of getting started, so hopefully this has given me the push to get on with it!

Luckily I have a child or two that likes posing for dramatic photos, this is very normal and has been part of our life forever, not just for Project Life ! I've also discovered they invented PL to use up all those hundreds of number thickers we never knew what to do with, I'm so glad I saved them all - just in case!

I'm really looking forward to looking at these in a couple of years time, it'll be so fun looking back at the antics of these lot, I so wish I'd started many years ago !

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Project Life Sort Of !!

At last I have delved into the Project Life frenzy !!!

I've had some stash for many months now, mostly Simple Stories and a little Project Life - what do I do with it, what style do I like, too many questions have stopped me even starting. I get it all out, I've cut the sheets into cards, I've played with the little binders, the big photo pockets, but never actually started !

Well I've been inspired - I found this blog and the style is perfect for me - Mish mash. Quite a busy style with lots of journalling, although that's not something I'm good at, so I want to do more, really tell a story of our life !

How I wish I'd started this 26 years ago, what an amazing diary/photo album/scrapbook that would be, (well several I think), a diary of our everyday experiences and life - how fascinating !

I'm taking it easy to start with, I'm taking daily photos for Project life, but haven't started it yet - I SO need a photo printer. But I'm doing our holiday in Turkey for now, what fun, I stayed up Waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too late last night as I was enjoying it so much, I need to add a load more journalling, I'm after a typewriter as I type, I think it will be easier than trying to match up and print cards, I'm excited again !

My first two - ever - pages ! (lots more journalling yet!)

I hope this inspires you to get and start - I know lots of you have got the sets and the cards - you just need to find your own style and get going, it really is addictive !