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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pockets with Pizzazz

Good morning, I'm really hoping you enjoyed last weeks Pockets with Pizzazz, I certainly did, its so nice to see fresh ideas for our pocket pages. I'm slowly catching up with mine, summer holidays are great to spend time with children, but we take more photos and have less time to actually put them in the pockets. But as long as I've got the photos, even in a few weeks time, I'll still remember what we did, where we were and how we felt, so it'll be no problem to go back and start/finish my pages. Are you all up to date, or like me behind a couple of weeks.
I do tend to get the photos sorted out in spare minutes, first in folders on the computer, I get them from a variety of cameras, Facebook and some the children send me, they all go in a temporary folder, named by the week. I then look through them and print out the ones I like best, because I mix my pockets up I usually have a variety of landscape & portrait pictures to work from. I print them out and stick them in a marked
envelope, and then when I have time, I grab the envelope and get working. All my Pocket page stash is in these two boxes if you remember, so I just plonk them down wherever I feel like working and I'm good to go! It still takes a good 1 1/2-2 hours to complete a week, but I embellish quite heavily & chat too much & if at home get disturbed many, many times. I'm sure you could put a page together in under an hour very easily if you wanted ! How long does it take you?

Week 26:

Another weekend retreat, and the National Road Bike Championships held in our town, that was exciting and a great photo opportunity! The rest food, children and animals as always! Older children going to a festival in Croatia, it looked like fun.

Week 27:

The weather has actually been very nice the last week, we've had sun ! One still on holiday, new onsie, winning a trophy in a Pinball competition (her Dad would have been so proud). More scrapping and some lovely fluffy animals.....what more could you ask for?

Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks effort, next week another designer will be showing off her Pocket Pages, I can't wait....till next time Elaine x