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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Pockets with Pizzazz

I seem to be doing a lot of apologizing lately !!!! This week I had my first Wedding Shoot, I loved it.....I came home and processed most of the photos. My new computer arrived, I re-installed all my photo software, started processing the remainder of the photos and my helpful 18yr old son, somehow managed to delete all the photos I'd been working on !!!! Of course I had backups and copies of the original images, but it means I've got to process them all again, and as I took 1,500 photos it may take a while !
Its also the start of the school holidays in the UK, so the first week or two is always chaotic, but it does mean there are usually a lot more photo opportunities, and maybe a holiday away?
I've also not been too well, so I've only managed to get week 25 done - I'm Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy behind, but it does seem that lots of other people are too. This weekend I've got an all day crop, so hopefully if I can get the photos printed out I should manage to do 3 or 4 weeks worth ! (That's after doing all the wedding processing first of course, the Bride & Groom are desperate to see the photos!)

WEEK 25:

A pretty average week again - this is what life is really like, and the children still wait excitedly to see my pages - a good sign!  Hopefully its the start of summer, the flowers in the garden are looking spectacular. I was away for the weekend on a retreat and had some new pj's....and we're trying to eat more healthily, well apart from the big jar of cookies !

I'm using some of my handmade cork embellishments and some funky foam arrows I made from my Sizzix Tim Holtz artful arrow die....its a whole mixed bunch of arrows that are perfect for using on these pages, I used card stock, funky foam and cork to make a pile of them !

I believe for the next Pockets with Pizzazz you're going to have a new volunteer designer, it'll be really nice to show you even more styles of pocket pages. There's a lot of talent on the Scrap365 design team and they are slowly starting to embrace this style of memory keeping.

Hope to be back soon, Elaine