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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pockets with Pizzazz

Hi everyone, I must apologize for not getting a post in last month, I completely forgot and then didn't have time to organise myself.....But one of the other wonderful DT stepped up and shared one of their beautiful pages. I for one am really liking all the different variety's of Pocket Pages, its good to have choice. I've been rather tied up with starting up my own business - I get to photograph newborn babies & weddings - but I have tried to make time to get more upto date with my pages. Infact one of my teenagers even asked if I could hurry up as there were photos on my phone he wanted to see in the album.....progress !!!

I know I'm well behind but I have every confidence that I will catch up - but I'm aware its only 8 weeks till Xmas though, so I think I'd best organise my photos, get them printed out, so I won't have any more excuses !! I usually print at home, but it might be better as I've got quite a few to print, that I get them sent off to one of the many online printers, it may make my life easier. How many of you print at home or send them off to be printed ?

I use all makes of cards in my Pocket Pages, I really mix them up, and buy the ones that appeal to me (which is most of them). I pick up little stickers and things from supermarkets, I make my own bits using dies I already have & punches, and I do buy specially designed stuff too.....I find Picassa the best for editing my photos and making collages - I just need to find more time to fit it all in !!

Week 29:

A birthday this week, a lost dog reunited with its tearful owner, my first Wedding shoot, & a funny boy making use of my stash!

Week 30:

House foundations - not for me though, some sun for a change & then some rain, a cornfield shoot, swimming in the local river and the boys version of the ice-bucket challenge before it took off !

I'm not sure who will be with you next week, but I'm certain their pages will be spectacular. I'm off on a whole weekend of Pocket paging towards the end of the month, so hopefully I'll be fully caught up before the holiday season !!!

How many of you will be doing a December Daily album, I think I'll be too busy, but I'd love to do one, maybe next year !!!