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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Pockets with Pizzazz

Back again, this week I've been trying out a few of my own embelishments. There has been great discussions  in the FB groups about making our own enamel dots, by baking Perler Beads (Hama Beads). The oven temp seems to be the biggest debate..I have found that the best temp for my electric fan oven is 150c for 45-60 minutes. Using a baking tray and baking paper, space out all the perler beads, which takes a few minutes, then very carefully transfer them to the oven, if you knock the tray they all fall over and you have to start again (I know, I've been there !). Some people have been clever enough to stack one on top of the other for slightly larger dots, and some have cut them in half for smaller ones, I think its good to experiment ! 

My other DIY experiment was to use cork and stamp onto it. I managed to get hold of some small circles of cork from Wilkinsons, used to stop furniture getting scratched. and just stamped straight on it, peeled off the backing and voila! I have ordered a very thin 1mm thin self adhesive cork sheet, with this I should be able to punch out my own circles to stamp, and also run it through the bigshot with some of my dies to make words to use on the pocket pages, I can't wait! 

I was lucky enough to get hold of the new 'Aqua' Project Life Core Kit from Becky Higgins, it was released for Europe & Australia only - I'm sure it will be released in the US in the near future though.......I've used it for week 11, I love the choice of bright colours, and I cut one or two of the 3x4" up and used them to decorate the bigger 6x4".

WEEK 11:

WEEK 12:

This week turned out quite colour co-ordinated , mostly thanks to the green Kermit onzie !!!

I'll be keeping my eyes open for some more DIY tips, and trying to resist all the new CHA releases. There is a lot of new Stash due out in the UK in the coming weeks, I know I've got some new Prima to play with, and I managed to get hold of some BO Bunny which will be making an appearance.....

Till next time Elaine x