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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pocket with Pizzazz

Well what can I say? What a fantastic response to last weeks Pockets with Pizzazz, the post nearly went Viral!  I think there must now be a national shortage of Hama beads and some very upset children. Obviously making your own embellishments is something you are all very interested in. I'm working on a few new & revitalized methods at the moment, so hopefully I will have something to show you all in the very near future!
I must confess to a disaster with the hama beads, I purchased some own brand from Hobby Craft and using the prescribed method attempted to melt them - all I got were doughnuts, every time on different temperatures.....so I went back and got the Hama beads and placed them and some of HC own brand in a tray and the result was this:

I think you can tell which is which, perhaps some of you have had success and can let us know your secret !

Week 13

Lots of yellow this week with it being Mothers day and spring...A lovely card from my daughter to add too ! (She's got a very good sense of humour!) Its quite photo heavy this week but I found some new Page Protectors from Becky Higgins that use five 6x4" slots, this one portrait, but they do landscape too, so I sadly was pretty excited about that!

Week 14

I spotted on a FB group in Australia some pictures of the new Bo Bunny Modern Miss line....I fell in love instantly and managed to source it in the UK, so this weeks post is using mostly Modern Miss. I loved the distressed faded style and big water colour type cards, its not everybodies cup of tea, but it certainly is mine. I don't know about you, but I love including my children that are no longer living at home in my Pocket Pages, FB has become a brilliant source for getting photos of them and when I include them it feels like they're still here, even though they could be thousands of miles away. Do you include your 'left home' children still, it would be nice to hear from you all.

I hadn't realized it was Wednesday quite so soon again after the previous post, I've been too busy doing my Pocket Pages. Perhaps I could persuade the editor to run a little competition, with a little prize....I'll work on it for next time.

Elaine x