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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Pockets with Pizzazz

I usually use the Design A style pocket page every other page to allow some continuity in my album. I use one with portrait style pockets for the alternating weeks. However, this week I used a Design F style. This consists of one 6x4" landscape pocket, and 10 3x4" portrait pockets. What a challenge: this took so much longer to do than a normal week. I was lucky that I had a lot of photos to fit in, and it wouldn't matter if they were small, and I'm so glad that I had my typewriter to do the journaling. Trying to find suitable cards for each picture and embellishments took a while too.

Whilst I like my mixed colour, heavily embellished cards, I sometimes wish I could do plain and simple - it would be so much quicker!

Week 7

This week was heavily weather related, with the big storms sweeping the UK. Whilst out walking the dog I captured the photo of the rainbow over the hospital - it was rather magical I thought! I also documented the incident involving a fallen tree and the dog falling in the flooded river, rather scary at the time.....

Week 8:

Having used the Design style F pocket page last week, I realized I had to repeat the process all over again this week......I think it is a good page to use, if you have loads of photos to use up of very mundane things, that need more journaling than photo.

I really liked the texture of the Houmous packaging that we had this week, so I decided to use it in one of the smaller pockets along with an ampersand die-cut made with a electronic cutting machine, and a small portion of a 3x4" card - its just a bit different from normal!

I also experimented by printing 6 photos (using Picasa) on  5x7" photo paper instead of 6x4", I think I like the slightly larger photos for the 3x4" cards, what do you think ?

That's all for this week folks....next time I'll be using an insert to show what you could to do when you have too many photos for the week and I'll be using some newly released cards from Pink Paislee that have found their way to me !!!!!

Thankyou for all the lovely comments on previous posts, they are much appreciated

Elaine x