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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Week 1 & 2 Project Life

Welcome to 2014

A little catching up to do, I've actually completed week 9 & am just starting on week 10, but I haven't put any up on this blog, most probably as I've been writing posts for the scrap365 blog in a fortnightly - Pockets with Pizzazz. I've had a lot of positive feedback, so hopefully I'll be continuing with it for at least the near future !

Week One seems so long ago now, I do remember that we had rain, rain and more rain ! Its really great, so much of this would have been forgotten by now - only a few weeks ago, its funny how we filter so much of our lives out without even noticing !

Week 2: Very heavy on the red this week.....Birthdays, toasters and kettles !

I'll try and get a little more up to date with my pages on here, so you might be getting several posts a week till then, hopefully you won't mind !!