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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pockets with Pizzazz

Welcome again this week to Pockets with Pizzazz.

I'd like to start this week with the 'tools of the trade'. Lots of people have asked what I use to make my pages, its basically my scrapping tools, I haven't really had to buy anything more than the cards & pocket pages themselves. For most of you it should be simple to start. I use a Canon MG5350, a Canon Selphy DS810 and an old Continental typewriter.
I had the large printer and typewriter already, I did get the Selphy (second hand from ebay) just because I wanted to try one - you don't actually need it. (Although, its really great for taking to crops because its so small. The newer versions are wireless so are even better, but cost more than the £25 I paid!)

I find that printing out my own photos there and then, helps me keep up to date with my weeks, I can sit down and get a whole week done in a couple of hours.
But, I do know that some people edit all their photos for the month and get them printed at one of the many online/supermarket stores that provide a printing service. They've usually done all the journaling and put in the relevant cards - marked with post it notes to remind them which photo goes where, - so all that remains is to slip the photos into the pockets when they receive them. Its really up to you and your budget!

I keep all my cards and associated bits and pieces in this large old Ikea wooden cutlery tray that I found in the garage, it was used to store paint tubes in, but is brilliant for keeping all I need in one place. I can carry it from room to room too, so I can create when and where ever I am!

I realized as I do this post fortnightly, if I carry on only showing one week at a time, I'll be 6 months behind by the end of the year, that's not really any incentive for me to keep up - so I'm going to show two weeks at a time.
As usual the back of last weeks page, how you can make the Week marker as quick & simple as you like, or embellish it more as I do. You may notice that I have an upside down date stamp on the back of the card - easily covered by another card.

Week 3:

Week 4:

My pages are quite busy - I like them this way - but you certainly don't have to do them like this. If you're short on time just add your photos and the cards with no embellishments, just some journaling so at least you can look back and see what happened in your life without guessing - it really is up to you though, whatever gets you recording your life is good ! " />