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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Project life week 52 and a half !

Big dilemma's on Facebook PL groups about how to end your year, and start the next if it doesn't fall neatly within your week! I decided to work Mon -Sun so I've just done one page to finish my album that covers just the Monday & Tuesday. My new 2014 Album starts on a Wednesday - Sunday, then I'm back on track...after all it is just a fun project - we're not going to get an exam on it or anything stressful !!!!

So that's the end of 2013? For me its not, I'm slowly working back through the year, as I only just started PL in week 45! I'm waaaayyyy back to week 33 already - and up to date on week 7 the other way. So I'd best be getting back to it and getting some photos printed out, Little Missy will be nicking my laptop when she gets in from school and I won't be able to get on !