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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Kirsty Wiseman at PaperArts.

Had a fantastic time at www.paperarts.co.uk again today....The fabulous Kirsty Wiseman was teaching this canvas...(slightly different colours but these went better with my photo).....You know me !!!!

We all had such a laugh, and Kirsty didn't even cry, so we must have been well behaved for a change...So all of you that were busy, you really missed out on a brilliant class, but I do believe there will be another whole day of Kirsty in September, with 3 classes..think they'll put the info up on their website with a payment scheme....

Irene, Kirsty and Sue


Paper said...

OMG you know what this means...... no Cake!
I loved your colour combo. It was a good class