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Monday, 19 December 2011

My Last Class at Paperarts before Xmas

This was the class that I taught just before Xmas, not a lot of cutting out again,(I didn't want people to have blisters for Xmas, might interfere with basting the turkey or something). But I think people are missing it, so they'll probably be lots of cutting out on my next LO, which I believe is the 21st Jan at PaperArts. I'll put up a sneak peek when I've actually done the lO.

I'm thinking I need to have a good old tidy up of my 'craft room', especially all my patterned papers. I end up with lots of baggies full of scraps that I've used for each page and try (usually unsucessfully) to sort them out and file them back in colours...I've lots and lots that need doing at the moment, so as all the children are occupied I might have a sort out.... Or I might just do some more blogging as I'm so far behind !!!