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Monday, 21 March 2011

Catching up....

Some more of those not so brilliant photos, but the only ones you have type......before the age of digital cameras that were within a sensible price range, photos are limited but still need to be scrapped. Scrubs ds4 as the doctor and ds2 the 'willing' patient !! Cute shoes, was a scraplift challenge at my LSS, http://www.paperarts.co.uk/ so not my usual style which was actually quite fun.

Vampire Newborn, dd3, I took these photos in the woods near our house, it was quite dark so the flash automatically came on - giving the red eye look - I did go to 'fix' it, but decided that I liked the look and she loves Vampires....this was a sketch challenge at the same LSS http://www.paperarts.co.uk/